Dr. Joanne Norton, with Jesus now.


June 8, 2018

By Dr. Kevin Norton, Ph.D.

Songs sung by Joanne….

Joanne met Jesus face to face 8:15 pm June 1st

My Beloved Joanne…
What can I say ? Joanne was / IS my everything ! I was nothing until Joanne.
Joanne (“God’s Gracious Gift”) was Father God’s way of winking to me and saying…
“Kevin, I know you, and know exactly what you need to be completed & blessed… her name is Joanne”.

May 4th 1993 my world was turned upside down (when we met visiting a mutual friend at the hospital).
It was love at first sight !!! Together we grew in our walk with the Lord raising Adam, Alex & Anthony.
So many great memories together as a family… Disney World, Skiing in Colorado, snorkeling at Key West, visiting in Uruguay many times, cruising the Caribbean and so many super times. The best times were our quiet times : hugging, kissing and just being together singing and enjoying the simple moments. THE LAST FEW DAYS WERE THE MOST PRECIOUS… JOANNE’S BEAUTY AS A PERSON & AND VESSEL OF GOD GLOWED THE MOST I HAD EVER KNOWN AS SHE CAME CLOSER TO JESUS’ ARRIVING FOR HER! Supernatural !

Joanne taught me how to love and be loved. She is the most spectacular influence on my life… no greater person have I ever had the honor to be with. Dr. Joanne Norton. Wow !

Joanne… I miss you horribly honey… get our “love nest” prepared for our eternal “love fest” to continue in Heaven.
You are The BEST !!!
Adoringly In Love with You Sweetheart Forever
P.S. Anthony sends hugs & kisses (… he is keeping me together, our little man is a reflection of you).

I / We have spent the last 25 years blessed to be able to grow daily in appreciation of this very special masterpiece of God. Beautiful… inside and out.
I can attest that Joanne privately was everything friends & family enjoyed publicly.
Joanne had no enemies… all that met & knew her, loved her… 1 in 7 billion… if you encountered Joanne, you were blessed to have been close to the love of God.


Dr. Kevin Norton is co-founder of Maranatha Christian College along with Dr. Joanne Norton.  They were married 25 years and parented 3 children : Adam, Alex & Anthony along with grand children Eden, AJ and Silas. They worked together the last 2 decades to grow Maranatha College to be a unique vessel of ministry of God in teaching the 66 books of  the Bible to serious students of the Sacred Scriptures… while awaiting the coming of Messiah.

( 1 Corinth. 16:22.)



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