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Maranatha Christian College

Maranatha Christian College and University is a Certified Academic Institute of the NCCA since 1996, recognized by the Florida Department of Education and accredited with ACI (Accrediting Commission International) We are a non-denominational institution. Offering degrees in Theology, Psychology and Counseling. We are Bible based, Christ centered and Destiny Driven. So, COME, let us help you fulfill your dreams and destiny today ! It would be our honor to have you with us in our Maranatha Family.

Our motto.... "Dream, Develop & Do !"

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Our goal: one million new Bible readers!

Whether you're focused on obtaining a degree, or simply want to audit a class for free, come join us (in a convenient friendly environment... in person or virtual ) as we study and learn in reading God's Holy Word... All 66 books of The Bible... Then, take what you have learned in a practical way in Theology or Psychology and create your own business in providing counseling, life coaching seminars, leadership, authoring books, conferences or even start your own clinical pastoral counseling practice... as many of our alumni have done !

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Maranatha Christian College

Maranatha Christian College has small group classes locally at our many satellite campus' in the US, Caribbean, and South America. We are based in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando & Daytona) with a ministry to the world !

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Maranatha Christian College & University offers several degree levels. Click on the "Degrees" link for more information.

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Classes that are self-study

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