Refund Policy

Tuition refunds as follows:

100% Guarantee…. if not 100% satisfied..full refund !

It is the policy, pledge and commitment of the College to maintain economical and sufficient tuition so as to make our education as readily attainable as possible. Our primary goal is not profit, but the encouragement of the study and reading of Gods Holy Scriptures and the eternal reward thereof. We believe this will manifest itself in daily practical regimes of counseling, teaching, leadership, and service to others (James Chapter 2).

Equal Opportunity For All.

It should not be necessary to be said…. WE ARE HERE FOR ALL !

We desire to be a blessing to all people… We love all people and want to help everyone in the study of God’s Holy Word.

We are Ambassadors for Jesus Christ and his Kingdom to reach out to the world !  (Matthew 28 and 2nd Cor 5:20)