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Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Degree PhD in Pastoral Psychology

Doctoral Degree PhD in Christian Counseling



Doctorate PhD in Pastoral Psychology & Counseling Curriculum: 45 credits

Doctorate PhD in Pastoral Psychology & Counseling... the goal is to equip the serious and mature Christian with a scriptural understanding of "why we humans do what we do, with practical life solutions to change & excel". This program provides biblical insight of how to help ourselves and others grow successfully in Christ. We endeavor do this by a deeper study of God and His Holy Word along with "classics" of well known Christian counselors such as Dr. Jay Adams, Dr. Dobson, Dr. Paul Tripp, etc . Our focus will be to exhort and disciple the student in growing his/ her knowledge and relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ in a practical way to counsel others. The NCCA (National Christian Counselors Assn) tool called "temperament analysis - based in the highly regarded FIRO B computer generated assessment inventory - is studied in depth. We are confident, believers and students of the inspired Word of God will most assuredly be blessed (and be a blessing to others) by these studies.

REQUIRED: 15 Courses = 45 credits (Twelve 12 page Term Papers, plus 100 page dissertation, an internship and an oral defense )

12 ACADEMIC COURSES (36 credits)... For each course, a text / book is selected by the student from the curriculum list below, with a 12 page written “Term Paper” that is required to be submitted by the doctoral student. Each paper should reflect a personal understanding of the study of the book including a brief summary, comments and personal observations in an standard APA format. The student must select at least 8 courses from the list, with an allowance of the remaining 4 as electives either from this list or personal selections from the student’s own library (subject to PhD advisor permission).

1 COURSE : DOCTORAL PHD DISSERTATION (3 credits)... Upon completion of the 12 courses (36 credits) a Doctoral Dissertation Course of 100 pages is required, reflecting a unique and original synthesis of all the readings and studies of your PhD program.

1 COURSE : INTERNSHIP (3 credits) ...Additionally, an internship / research / review with your doctoral advisor will be performed.

1 COURSE : DOCTORAL DISSERTATION ORAL DEFENSE (3 credits) ...Finally a doctoral conference - oral - before the doctoral committee (essentially an open discussion of your dissertation).

TOTAL 45 Credits for PhD Degree Program

*Note: A preliminary personal interview with the dean of college studies is required..

*Note: Though the doctoral degree requirements are satisfied via independent study, there will be teleconference classes offered to discuss and share each course/book. Dates and times will be emailed to enrolled students.


Suggested references for your personal reference library:

-Matthew Henry Commentary”, Matthew Henry

-Believers Bible commentary, William MacDonald

-Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance

-Nave’s Topical Bible

-Vine’s Lexicon

-Halley’s Bible Handbook

-Multiple Bible commentaries (minimum of 3)

-Bible Software (LOGOS, Blue Letter Bible, etc.)

-The Blue Letter Bible on our Website:




Please select your Doctoral Books (12) from the Acceptable list below:


“Competent to Counsel”, Dr. Jay Adams (3 credits)

Study in practical counseling ministry

“Mind Siege”, Dr. Tim LeHaye (3 credits)

Study of Christian worldview versus secular worldview

“Introduction to Psychology and Counseling”, Drs. Minirth and MEier (3 credits)

Textbook principles on counseling and psychology from a Christian perspective.

“DSM V : Diagnostic Statistical Manual”, APA American Psychiatric Association (3 credits)

APA Manual for classification of psychological disorders used by mental health professionals

“Dream, Develop & Do”, Dr. Kevin Norton (3 credits)

A motivational & practical handbook to encourage us to use our giftings to accomplish our goals in our lives.

“Chosen By God”, Dr. R.C. Sproul (3 credits)

A concise study on the topic of God’s Sovereignty as relating to the doctrine of election.

“Secrets of The Vine”. Bruce Wilkinson (3 credits)

A study of John 15 and fruitful living.

“The Baptism of the Holy Spirit”, Pastor Bob Coy (3 credits)

A study in the Baptism and Filing of The Holy Spirit

“War of Words”, Paul David Tripp (3 credits)

A course in communication and the power of our words in our lives.

“Your Personality Tree”, Florence Littauer (3 credits)

Self exploration of discovering yourself as God made you with your unique temperament.

“Leadership 101”, John Maxwell (3 credits)

Principles of leadership

“Dare to Discipline”, Dr. James Dobson (3 credits)

A study of adolescent counseling

“In The Face of Evil”, Dr. Roger Boehm (3 credits)

Ephesians 6 Spiritual warfare… biblically and practically explained in the 21st century.

“Why You Act The Way You Do”, Dr. Tim Lehaye (3 credits)

Your temperament and discovering its potential.

“Introduction to Temperament Counseling", Drs. Kevin & Joanne Norton (3 credits)

A study of temperament and counseling

“The Jabez Prayer”, Bruce Wilkinson (3 credits)

A study of the prayer taken from 1st Chronicles 4:9

“Marriage in the 21st Century", Drs. Kevin & Joanne Norton (3 credits)

A study of marital counseling

“The Names of God”, Kay Arthur (3 credits)

A study of the names of God

“Mere Christianity”, C.S. Lewis (3 credits)

Study in practical Christianity

“Knowing God”, J.I. Packer (3 credits)

Study in Theology

“The Knowledge of The Holy”, A.W. Tozer (3credits)

Study in Theology

“Foxes Book of Martyrs”, Fox (3credits)

Study of Christian history and significant persons of Christianity

“My Utmost for His Highest”, Oswald Chambers (3credits)

Study of daily devotion life

“Kingdom of the Cults”, Dr. Walter Martin (3 credits)

Study of comparative religions

“Evidence That Demands a Verdict”, Josh McDowell (3 credits)

Study in apologetics and hermeneutics (defense of Biblical authority and basis of study)

“Matthew Henry Commentary”, Matthew Henry (3 credits)

Biblical Commentary (Reformed)

“Believers Bible Commentary”, William McDonald (3 credits)

Biblical Commentary (Dispensational)

“Which Bible ?”, David Otis Fuller (3 credits)

Analysis of the history and creation of the King James Version of the Bible

“Science & The Bible”, Dr. Henry Morris (3 credits)

Study of the scientific considerations and confirmations of the Bible

“The Christian Manifesto”, Dr. Francis Shaffer (3 credits)

Assessment of modern day Christianity worldview vs. the secular Humanist Manifesto

“The Bible vs. The Quran”, Dr. Stephen Masood (3 credits)

Comparison of The Bible versus The Quran.

“God in America”, Newt Gingrich (3 credits)

A review of our Godly Christian historical foundation in America.

“Isreal in Prophecy”, Peter Gammons (3 credits)

A brief study of the modern day fulfillment of biblical prophecies of the return of the Jewish people to Israel.

“Revelation”, Chuick Missler (3 credits)

An in depth audio or DVD study of the Book of Revelation (Koinonia House (800) 546-8731)

“Being Politically Correct on the Lord’s Side”, Rev. Dr. Oneal Dozier (3 credits)

A treatise on the Bible and the 21st century political state of affairs.

Additional books are being evaluated by The Board @ MCC,

Ref. Dr. Kevin J. Norton, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Maranatha Christian College & University

For information contact: Dr. Reyes (954) 471- 8353



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