Fast Start

The vision of Maranatha Christian College is very simple regarding your obtaining your Bachelor Degree from the College… Read The BIBLE!

“I commend you to God, and to His Word of Grace, which is able to build you up…” (Acts 20:32)

To Get started Today…

There are 66 Books of The Bible. Simply:

  1. Read a book of the Bible – perhaps start with Genesis – (email us and we will send you the outlines and tests)
  2. Upon completion, email us back your test responses.
  3. We will grade your tests.
  4. At the completion of all 66 Books of the Bible (and tests) you will have earned your Bachelor in Biblical Studies.


Monday evenings at 7PM there is an open class room teleconference Bible Study and discussion (password info will be provided upon emailing the College). This is where we discover the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in an open forum with a lively opportunity to interact and fellowship over the Word of God.

A 10-page comprehensive term paper, summarizing your biblical knowledge (key points of the faith and of the Bible) will be required prior to graduation.

This is all done at your individual pace… efficiently and economically!