Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pastoral Counseling

This degree is designed to equip the student with knowledge in the study of Pastoral Psychology (biblical counseling). A command of the scriptures is mandatory and foundational. Thus, in addition to the courses required for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology (study of God), five (5) additional courses are required in Psychology (study of the soul). These courses have been thoroughly researched and designed by the National Christian Counselors Association.

This program provides the introduction for future graduate course work, and more importantly, an organized, disciplined study for a deeper understanding of man’s relationship with God.

PSY 1101 Basic Christian Counseling (3 credits)
PSY 1102 Christian Psychology (3 credits)
PSY 1103 Temperament Theory (3 credits)
PSY 1104 Testing Measurements (3 credits)
PSY 1105 Temperament Therapy (3 credits)

Please Note: This study does not prepare for state licensure. However, the National Christian Counselors Association will credential and license upon successful completion for Licensed Pastoral Counselor. There are some additional fees required by the NCCA for membership, internship and licensure. Students interested should inquire at enrollment as fees may vary with the NCCA.