About Maranatha Christian College

About Maranatha Christian College
“… be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…”

It is the belief of this institution that we are made in the image and likeness of God, our beloved Creator. We exist solely as a result of His incredible grace. As such, our purpose is not self fulfillment (as erroneously taught by many in our culture today), but our purpose is HIS Fulfillment… to do His perfect will in our lives. As we grasp this core truth in our lives, our purpose and existence become clear, powerful and of significant eternal consequence.

We at Maranatha Christian College would consider it an honor to disciple you in the study of God’s revelation of Himself to His people… The Bible!.

This institution was founded because the centrality of God, His Word, and His Plan of abundant life and eternal life is sadly not taught uncompromisingly in the vast majority of so called “institutions of higher learning.” We have a global epidemic and crises of Biblical illiteracy and malnourishment. The simple truth is, all education, knowledge, wisdom and understanding begins FIRST with God. Until this is solidly learned and applied in our lives, all other “education” is ultimately meaningless in the end (and, very possibly detrimental).

In God’s holy, inspired, supernaturally protected and powerful Word, we have the Gospel (and thus the answers to the important questions of life). It is only through Jesus and His Word that we can think correctly, live correctly, love correctly and find the will of God for our individual lives so that one day we can hear the words… “well done, good and faithful servant.”

The educational goal and purpose of this College is to motivate each person to deeper study of The “Way.” the “Truth,” and The “Life”… that is JESUS and His Word. We are non-traditional, we invite you to work at your own pace (thus, one can readily complete the degree efficiently and economically). If this degree helps the student, first, understand God more intimately and, secondly, equips one to counsel, teach, help, and heal others for Him, and in His Love, it will accomplish its mission… this is the goal; this is our purpose… joyously occupying and redeeming the time until His soon return!

Lord Come Quickly… “Maranatha”!

Drs. Kevin and Joanne Norton

Regulatory Oversight and Accreditation

Maranatha Christian College is in strict compliance with the Florida Department of Education as an exempt institution with the Florida Commission for Independent Education in accordance with Florida statutes 1005.04 and 1005.05 (1) (f) As of July 2006, we have been granted University status allowing us to issue Masters and Doctorate degrees.

Maranatha Christian College is a Certified Academic Institute (CAI) in good standing with the National Christian Counselors Association. Maranatha College is licensed to provide testing and proprietary course material developed by the NCCA that qualifies students to be Licensed Pastoral Counselors under the jurisdiction of the NCCA. We have been in relationship with the NCCA since 1996.

Maranatha Christian College is fully accredited with the International Commission on Academic Accreditation.

Our directors and faculty all hold advanced accredited degrees and are Licensed Pastoral Counselors with the NCCA, with each having a minimum of 10 years of practical experience in counseling and/or the teaching of the Bible. Founded in 1996, Maranatha College has been dedicated to biblical study and literacy.

The people associated with Maranatha Christian College are our key asset that makes us unique. Listed below are just some of these dedicated people.