Maranatha, Lord come quickly!


Classes are available via self-study courses and locally in Ormond Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Please click the links above for more information.


Tuition varies by degree. Please click on the "Tuition" menu link above for more information.


Maranatha Christian College has 2 physical locations to date - Ormond Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Degrees Available

Maranatha Christian College offers several degree levels. Click on the "Degrees" link above for more information.

Our goal: one million new Bible readers!

Whether you're focused on obtaining a degree or simply want to audit a class, come join us as we study and learn while reading God's Holy Word.

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Book of Romans

Dr. Kevin J. Norton discusses the book of Romans.

Book of Revelation

Dr. Kevin J. Norton discusses the book of Revelation

Book of I Thessalonians

Dr. Kevin J. Norton discusses the book of I Thessalonians.

Book of Hebrews

Dr. Kevin J. Norton discusses the book of Hebrews in this video.

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Our Core Services

  • Degrees Offered

    Associate, Bachelors, Masters and PhD
  • Local Classes

    Local evening Bible study classes are offered in Ormond Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Click on the menu tab at the top of the page for more information.


  • My dilemma has been that my husband has been very ill for over a year now, and I never know when he might need me to take him to doctor or hospital visits. We have had quite a few crises over the last year. How could I enter school and keep up? Would my life be on hold forever I asked myself? Maranatha Christian College with its self-directed and on-line studies has solved that problem for me. I am so excited that I can once again move forward. (I am even going on to get a doctor’s degree in pastoral counseling.) Thank you, Dr. Norton, for founding Maranatha Christian College and for making it possible for me to finish my schooling and at an affordable cost. It has been an answer to prayer!  - Vicki K.
    Vicki, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Vicky (Counselor): I want to thank you for listening and helping "xxxxxx" see a new perspective on things. I have learned to see things differently thanks to you. We all enjoyed a nice Mothers Day dinner at Inlet Harbor, "xxxxx" and "xxxx" sat across from each other and were able to enjoy conversations without feeling any tension, it was so nice to feel that way. I am looking forward to more relaxed times and I will surely use some of the tools you have taught us. Thank you, You are a Blessing!!!
    Anonymous Client
  • Two years ago, when I first heard of MCC, I knew God was leading me to go, but I did not know why. I questioned it, but I also knew HE was leading me to go. I wasn’t sure why, but I knew that I was supposed to go & to do my best with the opportunity He had given me. In July, I graduated with my BA in in Biblical Studies. I did not know what I would do next, but I did very much enjoy my class. Last week I was offered a position with a Christian Co. where I will be using my experience along with my education at MCC to work & to serve HIM. I have been given the opportunity to do what I love to do, to get paid to do it & to serve our Great God. How awesome is that? I know now that the time I spent at MCC was to prepare me to be used by God in my new position. God has given me the opportunity to go back to work (full time) & the opportunity to serve HIM where Iw ork & it began with just obeying HIS voice & going to the school.B y obeying that still small voice & by doing what I thought HE was telling me to do, I have only learned that I do not need to have all the answers & I do not need to know why. All I need to do is obey & HE will take care of the rest. HE is my loving Father, my Provider, my Lord. Thank You Jesus!! Thank you Dennis & Thank you MCC!! Our God Is an Awesome God!!
    Allison M.
  • Testamonial coming very soon.
    Joe, manager